best hoof oil bottle, farriers choice

Horse hooves is a "pump"!

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pretty horse looking out of stall door

How X-Fit can help horses with Sarcoids

We had a chance to sit down and chat with Judy Veloz about her X-Fit success story with her horse Sage who used to suffer from Sarcoids.

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Mackenzie Hamblin and holsteiner dressage stallion Chevalier

Meet My Horse - Dressage rider Mackenzie Hamblin and Chevalier

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kasey ament jumping at desert international horse park

A natural solution for gastric issues in horses / Kasey Ament and Qasama Du Buisson Z

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dressage rider Alyssa Ohlig with her senior horse

The importance of Fatty Acids for Dressage Horses / Alyssa Ohlig

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robyn fisher dressage rider and horse

Robyn Fisher and Kingston

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Endurance rider Jeremy Procopio at the Tevis Cup in the mountains

Endurance rider Jeremy Procopio

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putting weight on an old horse

Andrea and Rocky

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horse leg with scratches and treatment

How to deal with scratches, minor wound and other dermatitis problems on horses

Scratches, Rain Rot, Minor Wounds and more!

With the show season well underway, our horses have to deal with new environments every month, inevitably exposed to harmful situations. Scratches and bacterial infections from small wounds can turn into a headache and put our long awaited show plans on hold, which can often result in large veterinarian bills.

Equsani has been fortunate enough to have the exclusive rights to the amazing aid "Cutix" that has proven to fight any type of bacterial dermatitis, solving the problem before it becomes a problem! Easy to use, inexpensive and almost bulletproof results, Cuitx is a naturally derived product and is safe for use during any FEI and USEF competition!

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