dressage rider Alyssa Ohlig with her senior horse

The importance of Fatty Acids for Dressage Horses / Alyssa Ohlig

August 23, 2020

According to Equine studies horses will benefit from a high fat diet. But we run into one problem each time we ad more fat in the diet, digestion.
Did you know that less than 20% of the actual fats in conventional supplements and high fat diets will be utilized by your horse?
To improve the fat absorption we developed X-Fit which is a proprietary "pre-digested" Free Fatty Acid feed concentrate specifically designed for your horse to hugely increase the fat absorption. The minute X-Fit hits the gut it will start the unique self emulsifying process giving the horse the extra free fatty acids it often needs to improve performance and wellness.
California professional dressage rider Alyssa Ohlig tells us about her own experience adding X-Fit to her horse ADF Luca's diet;
"My horse has always been a difficult keeper. I've tried countless combinations of grains, supplements, and weight builders in varying proportions and feeding schedules. I could never quite get enough muscle on him, and it hit an ultimate low last summer after he had a bit of an extended vacation out of work. That's when I decided to try X-FIT. I began to see results within 2 weeks. By a few months in, others were starting to notice a change in him, and I could see a huge difference not only in his weight, but his work ethic and his coat quality as well. 6 months into using X-FIT, he is like a totally new horse!

Restore Your Horse's Coat With X-Fit

I constantly get comments on his coat, he has gained so much topline, and is going better under saddle than he ever has! His feeding has never been so easy, just a few scoops of grain topped off with a scoop and a half of X-FIT. Equsani has totally transformed my horse"