Endurance rider Jeremy Procopio at the Tevis Cup in the mountains

Endurance rider Jeremy Procopio

August 17, 2020

We had an opportunity to chat recently with Jeremy Procopio, a longtime endurance rider and also a longtime user of Equsani X-Fit!

 Jeremy is based out of Forest Hill, California, and has completed some of the hardest endurance races in the world, including the Tevis Cup: A 100 mile race reaching elevations of close to 8000 feet.

Last year, Jeremy and his horse Iniz The Mood (Moody) completed the Big Horn 100 out of Shell, Wyoming. Together they conquered incredibly tough terrain and elevations of about 9500 feet. 

It’s no surprise that endurance riders are serious about their horses’ nutrition. Jeremy’s horse Moody, a 16 year old Arabian, has been on X-Fit for most of their 4 year partnership.

Jeremy had previously used X-Fit for his other mare then started using it on Moody because he was having trouble maintaining his topline. “I wasn’t happy. He wasn’t keeping his weight as good as he should. His previous owner suggested X-Fit, so I put him on it, and he looks amazing again. He has tons of energy, his coat looks good, and his weight looks good. Moody’s energy is more consistent. He doesn’t have a lot of up and downs with his energy, it’s consistent throughout the day.  He has the same energy level well into the race that he had at the start!”

 Recovery times are critical for success in endurance races. A horse must be able to bounce back not only during a race, but after competition as well. “The energy Moody has over the 100 miles is more consistent. His stamina, in general, is improved. His recoveries have been just amazing. Muscle recovery is definitely improved.”

Endurance riders pay close attention to diet not only because of their horses huge nutritional needs, but also related to the sport’s guidelines. The list of banned substances is far more extensive than many other equestrian sports. “It’s challenging to find things that work that are also legal for endurance. I am happy to have found X-Fit and I am thrilled with the results for Moody.”

Equsani wishes Jeremy and Moody much success in their future competitions. Next up for the team: The Virginia City 100!