Meet My Horses: Elma Garcia

Meet My Horses: Elma Garcia

February 18, 2021

We met Elma Garcia in Ocala FL where she resides with her horses during the Winter.

Elma Garcia’s two great passions and pass times are film production and horses. An experienced FEI level Adult Amateur dressage rider, Elma took her mare Wenesa from 3rd Level to Small Tour. Now, she has a laser focus on developing her string of young prospects. 

Photo of Elma Garcia and her dressage horseElma Garcia standing with her dressage horse laughing love

A longtime, loyal user of X-Fit and GastroPower, Elma shared with us her feeding philosophy for her horses at all stages of development.
“I really believe it takes a village to be successful in competition and Equsani is an important part of my team. When I find something that works, I am very loyal.”
Elma had excellent success with her Hanoverian mare Wenesa, including being the first rider to win both Prix St George and I-1 at the A/A Championship National Finals in Lexington KY. 
As with all competitors, Elma researched every opportunity to give her horses a competitive edge. Bodyworker Tom Meyer was the first to recommend Equsani. 
Tom works with some of the best pros in the business, so Elma trusted his advice and added
X-Fit and GastroPower to her feed program.
“X-Fit and GastroPower are the only two supplements I have used for years. Before that, I was like every other amateur, buying every supplement, trying to find that competitive edge. I trusted Tom. If he says something is good, it’s good.”
Elma Garcia and her horse Wenesa at Adequan Global Dressage Festival in Wellington Florida
Elma put her Prix St. Georges horse, Wenesa, on GastroPower and X-Fit to give her gut support and nutritional boost needed for a performance horse.
“Not all supplements are for the purposes of troubleshooting or solving a problem. I feed my horses the X-Fit and GastroPower for their overall wellness. I make an effort to eat clean, so why wouldn’t I do the same for my horses?” 
Over the years, Elma’s approach to feed hasn’t wavered; She believes in keeping her program simple, consistent, and excellent quality. GastroPower is 100% natural and free of additives and fillers, so it fits right in with her philosophy. 
Elma still gives X-Fit and GastroPower to 20 year old Wenesa, now retired.
“You would never know she’s 20. She hasn’t lost any condition. Everyone who sees Wenesa comments on how well she is muscled for a horse not in work. She is fit, with an incredible top-line and lots of dapples.”
Elma’s focus is currently on developing her string of young horses. Her three dressage prospects vary in type. She describes them as “like a cat, a ballerina, and a tomboy. Their personalities are very different, but all of them get the Equsani products.”
Her youngest mares were imported from Germany. It is a long trip that takes over 3 weeks from the start in Europe to quarantine, then to her farm in Ocala. To prevent gastric upset associated with the rigors of travel and stress of environment change, Elma puts her horses on GastroPower as soon as she is able.
Elma has had positive feedback from equine practitioners from her farrier, to her saddle fitter, to her veterinarian, on the condition her horses are in. 
“I am so proud of my horses. I look at them and I appreciate how beautiful they are, but nothing makes me feel better than when my veterinarian evaluates my horses and says they are impressed with their condition.”
Thank you for your time Elma, we love our customers and the fact that our products help keeping your horses healthy and happy :-)
Team Equsani