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How X-Fit can help horses with Sarcoids

November 11, 2020

Treating horses with sarcoids

We had a chance to sit down and chat with Judy Veloz about her X-Fit success story with her horse Sage.

Judy rides at Hillview Equestrian in Northern California with trainer Ruben Arce Ibarra.  Her horse, Sage, suffered from sarcoids in the groin, chest and girth areas. Thought to be caused by a virus, sarcoids are skin tumors that can grow in size, are expensive to treat and are difficult or impossible to get rid of.

Sage at horse show

For the first 6 months Judy owned Sage she treated the sarcoids topically with anti-viral Acyclovir and didn’t see any positive change - and it’s expensive! Judy decided to stop the Acyclovir and add X-Fit by Equsani to Sage’s diet. Within 3 months, the sarcoids were all gone.

“Our vets told us the best defence is a strong immune system - a good diet with balanced vitamins and minerals. The only thing we changed was adding the X-Fit.”

Judy and Sage’s success with X-Fit demonstrates the importance of bio-available macronutrients to the immune system. X-Fit’s product concept is simple: the cells need fats but the feed we are standardly putting in our horses isn’t making its way to the cells optimally from the digestive system.

With the typical way many equestrians feed their horses, most are only metabolizing and utilizing max 20% of the fats they ingest. The rest is passed through their digestive system as waste. The process by which the fats in X-Fit are treated makes them essentially pre-digested, so a far higher percentage is utilized by your horse: More efficient, less waste, better results.

Judy is pleased with her X-Fit results:

“That one change to her feed program with X-Fit and the sarcoids are gone! I’m not taking her off it!”