robyn fisher dressage rider and horse

Robyn Fisher and Kingston

August 23, 2020

Robyn Fisher and David Koss run R Farms, a dressage and eventing barn based out of Moorepark, California.
David focusses on eventing. Robyn’s background is also in eventing but has been spending some time expanding into dressage, which included the recent purchase of Kingston, a new Grand Prix horse for her.
Long time customers of Equsani, Robyn and David sat down with us to update us on their business and new horses.
With a strong background in eventing, Robyn has recently made a shift in her goals and welcomed a new horse for herself: Kingston, a 13 year old Hanoverian sourced through Exclusive Dressage Imports in Rancho Santa Fe.
“I got lucky with him. Jessica knew I had been looking for over a year for a Grand Prix Horse.”
Robyn’s plans for Kingston are to broaden her knowledge and experience in the dressage ring.
“I got my judge’s license in dressage 9 years ago and, since then, I have felt like I have been a student of the sport and I just really want to learn more. I feel this is the next step to be a better dressage rider and coach. I want to learn as much as I can from this horse and we’ll see where the future goes. Right now I don’t have an agenda, I just want to learn.”
Robyn has been using the Equsani products on her horses for several years. In her feed and barn routines, she uses X-Fit, GastroPower and Hoof-X.
“I love that X-Fit gives them that extra finishing touch, helping with their topline and coats. It gives the horses that ‘It Factor’.”
Robyn recommends Equsani products to all of her clients to enhance their fitness and competition programs.
“We use GastroPower for horses I worry about getting ulcers or run the risk of colic. I have most of our horses on that product. It’s an extra layer of comfort. I don’t have to worry about their gut health. And it is very affordable compared to other products.”
A horse is only as good as its feet and Robyn uses Hoof-X on all 24 horses in her care.
“My farrier, Robbie Cozart, is so impressed with all of our horses’ feet. He loves how strong they look and the integrity of the hoof capsule and hoof wall are fantastic. I attribute that to the feeding program as well as the hoof dressing. Robbie uses the hoof dressing as well, when he finishes the horses. He loves it.”
While her discipline focus has changed slightly, her nutritional program will remain the same, with Equsani as an integral part of her regimen and has added X-Fit to Kingston’s feed.
“Kingston is 13. For me, that’s an older horse and I like them to look stronger over the top line and the back. X-Fit will help him out so he has the substance to build the muscle mass and get stronger.”
David’s horse Captain, an 8 year old eventer imported from England, was also put on X-Fit when he arrived.
David told us, “He needed more over the topline and back muscle. It’s been working well he looks really great!”