Mackenzie Hamblin and holsteiner dressage stallion Chevalier

Meet My Horse - Dressage rider Mackenzie Hamblin and Chevalier

August 25, 2020

Chevalier, owned by Mahaffey International, came into Karen’s training program a few years ago. He had previously had a career up to Prix St. Georges level, which sadly ended prematurely in 2014 due to physical and mental issues.
After several unsuccessful attempts to rehabilitate him in other programs, Chevalier was lucky to find himself with Karen.
Starting at walk/trot in the lunge pen, Karen spent the first year rehabbing him and getting him fit. “He was unsound and physically and mentally burned out,” says Karen.
When she felt he was ready to resurrect his career, Karen matched him with client Mackenzie Hamblin, who has now been leasing him for 2 1/2 years. Mackenzie and Chevalier made their debut in Prix St. Georges this year, recently achieving Chevalier’s lifetime high score of 70% at the 2020 Regional Championships in Temecula, California.
Karen credits Equsani products X-Fit and GastroPower for Chevalier’s physical transformation:

All of my horses are on X-Fit. I absolutely think Chevalier’s body and physique look younger than he is. The X-Fit plays a huge part in his stamina and being able to compete at the FEI level at this age.”

Karen put Chevalier on X-Fit when he entered her program almost 3 three years ago and still sees the positive results of muscle build and physique change:
“He has a much improved topline, and his body form is more filled out, in an athletic way not a bulky way. And there is always more brilliance in the color of the horses’ coats.”
Karen isn’t the only one who is impressed with how her horses appear:
“When we have our horses out at competition, people see them and know their age and ask us how it’s possible they look so youthful. I recommend X-Fit to everyone.”
Previously in his career, Chevalier had a history of not competing well in the heat. Now, with increased stamina, he has absolutely no problem, according to Karen and rider Mackenzie.
“We never thought he’d have the power to do a pirouette in the heat and now he does!”
The team has qualified to go to State Regional Finals next month at DelMar Show Park.
Their 2021 goal for Chevalier, at the age of 18, is to ride the Intermediare 1, which he has never done before.  
With Karen’s expertise, Mackenzie’s riding, and the power of Equsani, we are confident they will be fantastic.