MacLain Ward, Olympic Gold Medalist

"We've been using X-Fit on all of our horses and we've seen great results in their overall conditioning, muscle tone, performance... we're very happy to have [X-Fit] in our care routine!"

-MacLain Ward, X-Fit

Kimberly Herslow, 2015 Pan-Am Team Dressage Gold Medalist

"He's really filled out his muscling over his lower back and going into his hind quarter... which usually take horses that are this big a long time to develop!"

-Kimberly Herslow, X-Fit

Peggy Devons, Far Niente Stables

"This product [X-Fit] is really recommended by me for anyone who has trouble holding their horses body weight and mussel tone!"

-Peggy Devons, X-Fit

Karlee Wesley, Top WPRA Junior in California and top 10 ranking nationally

"Before I started using [X-Fit] she used to rear up in the gate and had anxiety. Now she just sprints on through, she feels good, she's focused, and she's just always ready to do her job!"

- Karlee Wesley, X-Fit