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Horse hooves is a "pump"!

December 04, 2020

How do we keep our horse' hooves healthy?

Blood is pumped from the heart through arteries to the hoof and is assisted in its return through a “pumping mechanism” in the hoof. This mechanism is necessary due to the position of the hoof in relation to the heart. There are no muscles in the lower leg or hoof to aid in the return of venous blood to the heart. Therefore, the hoof has to pump venous blood back to the heart. Many hoof oil products contain various chemicals such as Pine Tar, Turpentine, Alcohols, Glycerin, and often even Acetone, a drying agent. So not exactly something you would expect for a better hoof environment.

Check out the ingredients description for yourself, can be a little scary!

In an effort to improve the “ pumping mechanism” and thereby improve the conditions for a healthier hoof we have developed an organic hoof oil without any added chemicals. The organic plant oils go through a proprietary process “splitting” the molecular structure of the organic plant oils into a Micro Molecular form. This enables Hoof-X to be fully absorbed into the hoof tissue follicles building up an optimal moisture level and increasing the hooves “pumping mechanism”. Hoof-X creates a “not too brittle” and “not too dry” hoof wall which will not be affected by the environment i.e. water, dry hot environment etc. Hoof-X also acts as a protective “barrier” against Thrush etc. when applied to Sole and Frog.

Top farrier Mike Mayfield explains:

Hoof-x Mike Mayfield from Equsani on Vimeo.