kasey ament jumping at desert international horse park

A natural solution for gastric issues in horses / Kasey Ament and Qasama Du Buisson Z

August 23, 2020

Stomach discomfort and pain is one of the leading concerns in the horse community. With highly sensitive digestive systems, it is imperative we assist our horses when it comes to maintaining proper acid levels in their stomach. Horse’s internalize stress just as we do, and more often than not, the result is excess production of stomach acid which will lead to fatigue, irritability, and ultimately painful ulcers. Usually it is the latter that finally leads us to aggressively treat our horses with expensive drugs such as Omeprazole, which are quick and effective ways to alleviate the immediate problem at hand, but do not cure the ongoing problem that got you here, and are quite expensive.

GastroPower™ is a cost effective, proprietary type of mineral rich calcified marine algae, which absorbs the excess acid in your horse’s stomach, and then as it breaks down, releases bio available calcium, magnesium, and other beneficial trace minerals to assist with your horse’s overall health. GastroPower™ is not a drug, nor does it interfere with the brain or acid production in the stomach. It is FEI and USEF safe.

The unique proprietary active ingredients in GastroPower™, coupled with its physical structure and large service area, enables it to break down slowly in the gut – conditioning the stomach and neutralizing the damaging stomach acid significantly over a prolonged period of time. GastroPower™ is also likely to be an effective buffer under in vitro foregut conditions and will affect fermentation in a manner that promotes fiber digestibility in the hind gut.

Grand Prix jumper rider Kasey Ament:
"The biggest difference I have noticed after starting my horses on GastroPower is their topline and muscle tone. My bay stallion was really sucked in and had a hard time keeping weight and overall struggled to develop his muscles when I got him and since he has been on GastroPower he has been in top form and has muscles on his back he’s never had before, and he is able to finish his jump much better than before.
My black mare had a tendency to be a little stressed and “high strong” and was hard to transport to shows, kicking on the trailer. She would loose weight and be tired when she got to the show ground. Literally since she has been on GastroPower she has become the easiest of my horses to show and gets to the show ready to go, not sucked in and not loosing weight.
I can’t imagine not using GastroPower at this point, all my horses have developed so well on the product and maintained a level of strength and regularity which I think is really key when you traveling so much with your horses. All the horse show traveling can be stressful on them, but GastroPower keeps them going.
I’m a believer!”   
Kasey Ament, KC Jump, Inc.