horse leg with scratches and treatment

How to deal with scratches, minor wound and other dermatitis problems on horses

August 07, 2020

With the show season well underway, our horses have to deal with new environments every month, inevitably exposed to harmful situations. Scratches and bacterial infections from small wounds can turn into a headache and put our long awaited show plans on hold, which can often result in large veterinarian bills.

Equsani has been fortunate enough to have the exclusive rights to the amazing aid "Cutix" that has proven to fight any type of bacterial dermatitis, solving the problem before it becomes a problem! Easy to use, inexpensive and almost bulletproof results, Cuitx is a naturally derived product and is safe for use during any FEI and USEF competition!

Cutix is a proprietary inorganic mineral solution that as a first for dermatitis aid's offer a "tri-factor" approach to the problems with scratches, minor wounds, rain rot etc.

When applying Cutix with the easy to use spray bottle 3 things will happen. 

  1. Breaks down biofilm (Scab known as scratches) and destabilizes the chronic wound conditions.
  2. Potent drying effect that removes moisture, dirt and scales.
  3. Removes damaging the chemicals, and thereby prevents skin tissue break down and oxygen elimination. Oxygen is important factor in wound healing.
  4. Lowers the pH-value on skin, which stabilizes the skin surface and strengthens sebum. Sebum is the skin natural first defense against bacterias.
  5. Forms a protective scab that covers the wound allowing the wound healing process to continue from the inside.
  6. Leaves a thin protective layer on the skin that stabilizes skin surface and sebum, preventing new problem wounds. 

Result is that the affected area will recover in a matter of days and Cutix can also be used as a preventative aid if you want to avoid expected scratches problems by applying Cutix every 3-4 days to scratches prone areas.

Having Cutix as a part of your aids in the stable is a given, helping you being on top of problems before they evolve into a large veterinarian bill.