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Meet Thomas and Amber Harte, Brass Ring Farm NJ

Meet Thomas and Amber Harte, Brass Ring Farm NJ

March 18, 2021

Since we began doing our customer and horse spotlights, we have learned so much more about them and how our products have positively impacted their lives. Even though we have always had 120% confidence in the quality and efficacy of our products, the validation from customers as well as customer to customer referral, has proven that when our products are administered correctly, they work! This next spotlight showcases what we at Equsani believe to be good old fashioned horsemanship at its best. Trainers who care about what they are giving their horses, and doing the groundwork to find the best possible solution for horse health care, both in aid of issues, as well as prevention. 

Thomas Harte and his wife Amber own and operate Brass Ring Farm, a Hunter hunter/jumper/equitation business. They split their time between Florida and New Jersey. Thomas Harte and Amber Harte, owners of Bras Ring Farm in New Jersey

Originally from Ireland, Thomas came to the United States almost 15 years ago. He was serving in the Irish military in the equitation school for 5 years when he had the good fortune to connect with Candace King. He then came to the States to work for Candice which lead to the beginning of his career as a trainer and agent in the United States.
Thomas and Amber have been running their own very successful and busy business of 50 horses in various levels of training for the past 7 years. This winter, they have 30 horses in Wellington, Florida for the winter circuits. 
Amber Harte hunter rider from Brass Ring Farm NJ
Thomas was originally introduced to Equsani through Katha Gato during the Wellington, FL horse show from whom he often purchases horses.
“We had leased a horse from Katha, Dragonfly, to do the Adult Hunters. We needed to put weight on him so she introduced us to X-Fit. We started Dragonfly on both the X-Fit and GastroPower. The results were amazing. I had tried a lot of fattening products and none of them worked well. He was kind of a stressful horse but when we put him on the Equsani products, the results were incredible and it got me hooked on those products.”
As gastric ulcers are a common problem in horses with heavy travel and show schedules, Thomas decided to invest in doing a test study in the barn with their horses and test different popular solutions to gut issues.
“We decided to have every horse in our barn scoped and found approximately 25 out of 30 had ulcers. So we divided the horses into 3 groups. First group was given GastroGuard combined with ciprofloxacin, Second group was given injectable GastroGuard combined with Misoprostol and third group was given a week’s worth of GastroGuard and then only GastroPower for the remaining 3 weeks.
What we found, when we scoped the horses again at the end of 30 days, was the third group that got the GastroPower was completely healed from ulcers. The other groups had to go an round of 30 days on the treatments as they still had a lot of ulcers”
GastroPower is now a part of their regular maintenance program at Brass Ring Farm.
Brass Ring Farm NJ horse stable “If we have a horse that scopes and it shows it has ulcers, we first put them on a treatment of GastroGuard and then put them solely on the GastroPower as a regular gastric aid and mineral supplement.
It works, and at a fraction of the price of the conventional way of solving these issues, keeping our horses healthy and customers happy as they save a lot of money"
Other improvements Thomas noted include a competition horse that became far more manageable, once GastroPower was added to his feed. “We have one horse that is really quiet at home but once it gets to the show, he gets very antsy and worked up in the warmup ring and in the show ring. I used to have to lunge him before I brought him to the show. I put him on the GastroPower and now I don’t have to lunge him anymore and he is much calmer at the ring.”
Amber Harte Grand Prix Jumper rider, Brass Ring Farm NJ
The Harte’s are wrapping up their winter season after Wellington, FL to go home to give the horses rest. In May they will take 30 horses to Tryon, and from there heading north for Princeton and Lake Placid later in the summer. 
 horse stable meadow paddock, Brass Ring Farm NJ
Thank you to Thomas and Amber Harte for sharing your Equsani success story and thank you to Brass Ring Farm for including GastroPower and X-Fit in your program.