Our Mission

To make sure our customers (the horse of course) are kept in top physical and mental condition.To manufacture innovative and effective horse products without additives, sugars, or animal products. To provide exceptional customer.service 

Our Company

Founded in 2013 by a professional horse trainer, Equsani Inc. is located in Southern California. We are a family run company and manufacture all of the products in our California facility.  We sell top quality all natural Equine supplements and care products direct to individuals as well as to feed and tack retail stores nationwide. Our goal is to keep the health of the animal at the forefront of our products by not using additives, sugars, or animal products in our manufacturing. 

We are honored to work in a field that we love, and are extremely proud of our process and product.  Our high profile riders across multiple disciplines and our growing number of repeat customers is a testament to our products’ performance. 

Even our own horses use and thrive on all of our Equsani products!

Our Mascot Colicchio

Colicchio was born in Holstein, Germany with the genetics to win. Colicchio carries the weight of Casall, one of the most talented and accomplished show jumping horses in recent history. He was purchased as a foal by a couple living in the States, destined to make the trip across the globe to live a glamorous Southern California lifestyle.

When Colicchio turned 4 he traded in his German passport to move to the affluent neighborhoods of Orange County. While Colicchio’s parents were not wealthy like their neighbors, they were rich in knowledge and horsemanship and had all the faith in the world that their German import would live out their California dreams for him.

However, just as the Stallion was settling into his new routine, in the spring of his 5th year he had a herniated testicle and underwent surgery.  When Colicchio returned to full work, the Stallion was placed with a another professional rider during the HITS horse show with the intention of promoting him for sale. But once again bad luck struck and a colic compaction resulted in a 2nd surgery during the Del Mar International Show in 2014.

This unexpected turn of events changed the course of Colicchio’s fate, and he returned to his owner, Kenneth Vinther.  Danish born, Kenneth began riding as a teen, and quickly became entrenched in the sport. He chose to make a career out of horse training, and began the arduous years of work and training required to be a professional trainer in Europe.  He worked in Germany for several years, first at the Holsteiner Verband, working with the young stallions, and then for Mass Johannes Hell stallion stables training and showing top quality Holsteins in show jumping. He then moved to the States where he maintained a successful jumper training and sales barn before eventually changing directions in his equine career to focus on equine nutrition. This was partly due to his experience with Colicchio.

Even with a rough start to his upbringing, Kenneth felt in his core that Colicchio was going to be his once in a lifetime horse. He had already developed his product X-Fit which Colicchio was reaping the benefits from, showing impressive tone, stamina, and a stunning coat.  However it was his stomach issues that Kenneth was most keen on eliminating. Through a multitude of research channels and inquiries in Europe, he came across a unique algae with a proprietary blend of minerals that had been proven to reduce excess stomach acid, creating a more balanced digestive system. This coupled with the highly beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium was the perfect medium for Equsani’s next product Gastropower. 

Collicchio was of course the best test case, having an already extremely sensitive digestive system and sometimes irritable behavior. Within a month on the new product the Stallion was looking and feeling leaps and bounds better, and Kenneth was able to ween him off the strict vet prescribed diet, and Colicchio went back to eating hay.  Months after starting the product, Colicchio was scoped to see how his stomach was doing. It was shocking to see a substantial amount of old Ulcer scars, but now all completely healed!  

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Slow and steady Colicchio moved up from 1.15 to 1.35, taking time to give the Stallion confidence. By 2017 he won his first Grand Prix. As they moved up to the 1.50m Grand Prix’s, Colicchio rarely touched a rail, and always showed his stamina and bravery in the arena.  A testament to the bio-available fatty acids of X-Fit and the balanced digestive system and rich minerals from Gastropower.

 “Chef” as he is called at home, has gained a fan base that follows his accomplishments and sometimes antics at the show. He will go in, do his thing, always with gasps from the audience with his unusual jumping style, and 9 times out of 10, places in the class, proving every time why he’s a real contender.  He has successfully competed in the HITS $1.000.000 Grand Prix, the Del Mar National, claiming an impressive 3rd place in the $100,000 Del Mar National Grand Prix, and multiple wins and placing’s at the summer California shows.

One of their biggest accomplishments in 2018 was placing in 3 classes, including 4th in the 1.50 $100,000 Sunday Grand Prix at their debut at the FEI*** Thunderbird Horse Park in Canada.  Another milestone, qualifying and competing in the 1.60m FEI*** World Cup Qualifier with one pesky time fault (0.02 seconds over time!) at the Sacramento International Horse Show, earning a top ten place finish.

Over the past few years “Chef” has shown that he is THE stallion to follow for the 2019 season. He continues to shine in the show arena thanks to the help of all of our Equsani products!