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Laura Gerst and Dakoda Mower of Windy Hill Equestrians

Laura Gerst and Dakoda Mower of Windy Hill Equestrians

June 04, 2021

While visiting the Temecula Valley Horse Show we got a chance to chat with Laura Gerst and Dakota Mower of Windy Hill Equestrians at Freemont Hill Country Club in Los Altos, CA. Laura and Dakoda have been working together for the past 5 years and they specialize in Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation. They also run a thriving riding school program. While Laura takes care of the business as well as teaches the students, Dakoda is in charge of riding and showing the horses, from Hunters to Grand Prix jumpers.

Lura Gers with Windy Hill Equestrians

In November 2020 Laura and Dakoda were struggling to keep weight and muscle on one of their big jumper horses. After trying other products with little success, they started using X-Fit.
To their delight, they began to see fast improvement in the horse’s overall condition. The quick results on this horse prompted the decision to add X-Fit to the feeding program for 20 other horses in the barn.
Within a span of 30-60 days they noticed that these horses had “bloomed” in comparison to all of the horses in the barn not on X-fit. The muscle tone and overall condition of the horses had improved dramatically. Once again the proof was in the pudding, and they decided to add X-fit to the rest of their horses daily program, regardless of age or performance level. 
Dakoda Mower show jumping Thermal
“Every horse is only on X-Fit now, including the couple of the lesson horses that are older and our hunters, everybody!”
“One of the nicest things about the product is that it fits every horse. The hunters, the equitation horses and the jumpers and all of them benefit from it”.
With a roster of children and amateur riders, they wanted to make sure the X-fit was not going to make the horses too fresh for the students to handle. But they quickly learned that the X-Fit as a “pre-digested” pure plant oil based fatty acid concentrate only produces cold energy, which was a perfect match for their horses and riders
“The biggest thing we have noticed is the overall health of our horses. They are all eating better. Drinking a lot of water And we have also noticed that they don’t really stock up in their legs as much.”
Prior to using the X-fit they had realized, that even after daily work, the horses muscles and top lines were slightly deteriorating. Now with X-fit in their diets, “they keep on maintaining their muscles and top lines and all of that. It was kind of the missing link we needed for all of them. And their coats are shiny and dapple so you can just tell that they are healthy.”
Windy Hill Equestrians girls bareback on horses
Their most recent success was with a new equitation horse that came in the start of the year. “After Thermal his coat and overall condition was dull. Now he is so dapple and shiny that even the owner noticed it and was telling Dakoda how amazing it looks! And that was in less than 30 days on the X-fit!”
Windy Hills Equestrians logo
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