Sterling View Farm - Matt and Carly Sereni

Sterling View Farm - Matt and Carly Sereni

June 14, 2021

Matt and Carly Sereni of Sterling View Farm in Morgan Hill, CA are some of our longest and most valued customers. From Adult hunters, to children’s equitation, as well as Amateur jumpers, Sterling View Farms services all levels and interests for their customers in Northern California. The Sereni’s are a true horse family business, and understand that horse care doesn’t stop when the horses leave the show arena.

While Matt manages and trains the show horses, Carly runs the retirement farm, tending to 55, oldies but still goodies, on the family farm. 

It was for the older horses that their veterinarian Dr. Russ Peterson, first suggested using X-fit to them in 2016.

“We started some of the skinnier retired horses on the X-Fit to just get more of the efficiency of the food and nutrients into them,” Matt explains.  “Today most of them are on the X-fit. It is really crucial for keeping weight on these older horses. A lot of them have Cushing's problems, so they are doing a dance with the metabolic stuff. The X-fit has made a big difference in those horses. No gambling with carbs and sugars in their diet. It’s a crucial item for the old guys.”

kid petting an old horseWhile the improvement to the retiree’s coats, weight, and overall well-being was proof enough the X-Fit was working, Matt discovered another benefit from the product.
“The main thing that made me give it to all of my show horses, was my farrier. He came out sometime ago, and was complaining about how some of the horses feet looked compared to other horses’ feet, and how much better those feet were. And it had nothing to do with the hoof supplement we were giving them. The ones he liked, well, the only difference was that those horses were on X-fit.”
Matt also compared notes with Sandhaven Farms, another one of our longtime clients, and they as well saw the same results in their horses’ feet. It’s always great to learn about new ways X-Fit as a pre-digestible free fatty acid feed concentrate is benefiting our customer’s horses. We are literally seeing head to hoof results! 
The Sereni’s understand the importance and wholistic benefits the fatty acids provide to their horses. And subsequently, they don’t feed a lot of other supplements than the Equsani products.
rescue horse very thin  rescue horse saved by equsani products  after the rescue horse have been fed X-Fit equsani
Above: A series of "before-and-after photo's" from a rescue horse that the Sereni's took in their care!

“X-fit continues to be our main supplement of choice. Our horses always look healthy and shiny!” As many know, the horse’s coat is a giveaway to what state their health is in. And we’ve had other trainers comment on how great Sterling View Farm horses look at the show.