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Cutix Natural aid against scratches and bacterial infections

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Cutix™ is a ground breaking aid for any dermatitis issues like scratches, minor wounds, rain rot and more.

Comes in spray bottle for easy use, no need for extra cleaning, wrapping etc just apply Cutix to the affected area and leave it to dry for best results.

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“Cutix is an amazing product. I've used it with various skin issues with my horses. It's super simple and it works great!”
Tammy Phillips, Canadian Grand Prix Jumper Rider

  • Why Cutix™?

    One of the most common and pesky problems horse owners face on a daily basis are skin infections. While our horse’s skin is in and of itself a natural protection against bacteria, it is almost impossible to protect our horses’ skin from environmental factors that threaten to penetrate that protective layer, inviting bacteria to set up shop.

    Once the skin has been compromised the area is now susceptible to pathogenic microorganisms like Staphylococcus Aureus and Dermatophilus Congolensis. Both of those bacteria are known culprits in causing equine pastern dermatitis.

    Once pastern dermatitis has been established, there is a risk of a chronic condition in which bacteria will thrive, forming resistant biofilm layers, necrotic tissue and scales. At the same time, the biofilm creates a hypoxic environment (total deprivation of oxygen at the tissue level) that inhibits wound healing and increases bacterial growth. Once safe inside their biofilm, the bacteria excrete damaging chemicals like ammonia and hydrogen sulfide that continues to break down tissue and deprive oxygen, respectively. The horse’s immune response is then inhibited by the biofilm and cannot fight off the infection.

    Unfortunately, many commonly used treatments are inefficient, because the protective bacterial biofilm is in essence impenetrable to conventional antimicrobials. Some of the more aggressive treatments often utilize harsh chemicals to break down the biofilm, which can also burn or damage the horse’s tissue in the process. Many of these products also remain wet on the horse’s skin and do not dry out the area properly to stop the production of bacteria.

    Cutix™ by comparison, is very simple to use for the customer and is 99% effective in alleviating the skin infection in a matter of days.

    How It Works

    Cutix™ is designed to neutralize the damaging bacteria and its byproducts in the affected skin area, and thereby preventing further breakdown of healthy skin tissue. The natural skin defense system is maintained and strengthened, blocking ongoing bacterial damage. Cutix™ can be used as an aid for affected areas or as preventative aid.

    Supports Horses:

    • With scratches, rain rot, sweat rash
    • With minor cuts and abrasions
    • In wet and humid environments
    • After surgical procedures
    • After clipping sensitive areas


    • Breaks down the biofilm and destabilizes the chronic wound conditions.
    • Potent drying effect that removes moisture, dirt and scales.
    • Removes ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, and thereby prevents tissue break down and restores oxygen to the damaged tissue.
    • Lowers the pH-value on skin, which stabilizes the skin surface and strengthens skin sebum. (Intact sebum possesses antimicrobial properties and competing non-pathogenic bacteria)
    • Forms a scab that covers the wound allowing the wound healing process to continue.
    • Leaves a thin protective layer on the skin that stabilizes skin surface and sebum, preventing new problem wounds. This makes Cutix™
  • Ingredients

    A proprietary mixture of natural inorganic salts of Aluminum, Zinc and Iron complexes. It has a pH of 3.0.

    Recommendation for Use

    Before applying Cutix™ make sure the infected area is clean of dirt and is dry. Then simply spray Cutix™ directly on the infected area, making sure the entire surface of the infected skin has been covered. Then leave it be. After applying Cutix™ directly on the problem area the liquid property of the product will dry out leaving behind a thin active layer that prolongs the healing effect for several days.

    After a few days of daily treatment, the area with pastern dermatitis will appear drier and scales and crust may start to fall off. Depending on the severity, full intact skin will appear after 1-3 weeks of continuous treatment.

    Cutix™ can also be used as a preventative method for areas prone to pastern dermatitis with 1-2 weekly treatments of sensitive areas.

    Cutix™ is not a drug and you should contact your veterinarian if in doubt of the health of your horse.

    For use with horses only. Store out of direct sunlight. Shelf life is 12 months from production date. Sediments may form, but will not compromise Cutix™. Does not conflict with any FEI or USEF regulations.

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