Helping my horse in hot weather

Helping my horse in hot weather

August 31, 2022

How you can help your horse in the hot summer! 

This summer is on track to be a hot one again, breaking records across North America. Now, more than ever, it's important to pay attention to our horses' diets to ensure they are getting the proper fats and hydration through these hot months.

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Fat is digested, absorbed, and metabolized more efficiently than any other nutrient, producing less metabolic heat, providing “cool calories.” This is important during hot weather because reducing the heat load of the horse will reduce the energy needed to lower the body temperature, which may reduce calorie and water needs.

However, feeding a high fat diet can be problematic. Horses are unique in that they do not have a gall bladder and rely on a slow moving digestive system. These conditions make a high fat diet hard to digest and efficiently utilize to the extent we hope for, not exactly a benefit on hot days. This is further complicated since most horses are only able to digest up to 20% of the fats in the normal feed and supplements on the market.

How X-Fit can help your horse!

Due to its unique proprietary Essential Fatty Acids profile, X-Fit does NOT require re-esterification and micellization like normal fat supplements, directly entering portal circulation in the small intestine (where the free fatty acids are absorbed) and is immediately available as a cellular energy source.

In other words, "pre-digested" and more bio-available than conventional high fat diets and supplements.

The result is faster absorption and better utilization of the fatty acids and ability to add more fat to the diet of the horse. Additionally X-Fit acts as an emulsifier, aiding the absorption of other nutrients in the feed.

All important factors when trying to keep our horses healthy in the hottest months of the year.

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Faster Muscle Recovery - Increased Top Line - Excellent for Metabolic Horses

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