Hay is almost perfect - The importance of the correct E vitamin supplement

Hay is almost perfect - The importance of the correct E vitamin supplement

June 09, 2023

Hay is almost the perfect food for horses—most varieties offer the right balance of protein, fiber, nutrients and energy to keep the average horse healthy. The key word there is “almost.” One nutrient that hay may not provide in sufficient quantity is vitamin E. This essential nutrient is present in fresh pasture but begins to degrade as soon as grass and legume plants are harvested. And the longer the hay is stored before it is consumed, the more of its vitamin E is lost.

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For horses whose forage comes primarily from hay, with little or no grazing, vitamin E deficiency is a possibility. And it’s even more likely for horses who are in training with limited turnout because exertion increases the need for this valuable antioxidant. Vitamin E requirements are also higher for aging horses, those who are ill and those with certain health issues.

Vitamin E helps keep a horse’s muscles, nerves and all his internal workings functioning smoothly. And if he’s not getting it naturally in a green pasture, then you’ll need to find a way to add it to his diet. Guidelines in the Nutrient Requirements of Horses from the National Research Council (NRC) recommend about 500 IU (international units) daily as a maintenance level for an 1,100-pound horse in light work. The NRC recommendations are higher for hardworking horses and for breeding mares and stallions. Working horses might need up to 1,000 IU per day, however, these figures are the minimums. There have been many studies that have shown that more vitamin E is even better.

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E-Covery stand out from other E vitamin products for several reasons; The E vitamins are extracted from plants through a physical H2O distillation process, unlike the common chemical solvent process used by most other brands, which ensure the E-Covery have NO traces of chemical residues. Being a d-alpha-tocopherol, E-Covery has the highest bio-availability and is in the acetate form which is the most stable form of vitamin E. 1 scoop (10cc / 4 grams) supplies the horse with 2000IU, so much easier for the digestive system.

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