FEI or USEF safe use.


Equsani Glucosamine is a 100% natural vegetable based glucosamine supplement. It is not derived from Shellfish or produced in the same facility like many glucosamine products on the equine market. All batches are tested with a patented Isotopic Signature Carbon Tracing (ISCT) method to differentiate between vegetable and shellfish derived materials. This test guarantees the pure vegetable source of Equsani Glucosamine.

Equsani Glucosamine has been studied for its ability to modify underlying cartilaginous degeneration in joints, and therefore potentially provide relief in osteoarthritis. Studies also demonstrate that Equsani Glucosamine stimulates the synthesis of glycosaminoglycan, proteoglycan, and hyaluronic acid. Thus, glucosamine has shown chondroprotective activity to both slow the progression of, and even correct some structural abnormalities associated with osteoarthritis.

Non-GMO, Non allergen, Certified quality assurance

White odor and tasteless granulate powder formula 

30 day supply @ 12g a day, dosage scoop included. 


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  • Why Equsani Glucosamine™ ?

  • Glucosamine is a popular supplement for horses that helps to improve joint health and reduce inflammation. As horses age, their joints can become stiff and painful, making it difficult for them to move and perform. Glucosamine helps to lubricate the joints and promote cartilage formation, which can alleviate pain and improve mobility. Additionally, glucosamine has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, which can further reduce pain and swelling in the joints. Overall, adding a glucosamine supplement to your horse's diet can help to keep them healthy, happy, and performing at their best.
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