Constant Soros, The Rescue Horse on X-Fit ™

Before X-Fit

When trainer, Amy Hess, saw this horse at a horse show she immediately decided to purchase her and give her a new life! Equsani was happy to be able to help with a donation of X-Fit. These photos show Constant Soros before and after 8 weeks on X-Fit.

4 Weeks On X-Fit

After 4 weeks of being fed X-Fit, Constant Soros already had a fuller coat and showed massive improvment.

8 Weeks On X-Fit

At the 8 week mark Constant Soros had improved muscle mass, more energy, and a lovely, shinny coat!

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More Success On X-Fit ™


Before and  after being fed X-Fit for 6 weeks.

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Nightlife, 4 year old mare

Before and after being fed X-Fit for 4 weeks

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Gastro Power

A Letter From Andrea And King

"I have had some great success thus far. I have an extremely hard keeper and until we tried this (3 weeks now) he was not enthusiastic to eat at all. Now he is eager to eat and talks to me until he gets his feed.  His coat is shinier and he's starting to put on a little weight.  He's a little more relaxed over saddle but has more energy to go further. I have attached a photo. 

Thank you!"

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Franklin And Kelly

Kelley Gilbertson and her 20 year old Franklin (A.K.A. FDR) earned a USDF silver medal in Virginia on Kelley's 21st Birthday thanks to

With the added boost he gets from Equasani, Franklin (who is over 20 years old) has never looked so good!

Franklin gives his X-FIT and GastroPower a 5 star rating!

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Before And After Cutix For 2 Days

Cutix is a fantastic new way to aid against scratches, minor wounds and other dermatitis skin problems.

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