Does not conflict with any FEI or USEF regulations.

Hoof-X Organic Micro Molecular Hoof Oil

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Hoof-X™ allows your horse's hooves to breathe unlike any other hoof oil product.

Hoof-X™ will absorb into the hoof wall a few minutes after application, and builds up a perfect moisture level in the hoof wall that stays consistant regardless of the surrounding environment and encourage increased hoof growth.

Beneficial aid for horses with white-line problems and works as a barrier for thrush

100% Organic and does not contain any GMO's, Chemical additives or Animal fats.

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“The best hoof oil there is on the market today. I've never really seen anything that penetrates the hoof wall as fast and as clean as Hoof-X does.”
Farrier Mike Mayfield, Bend OR

  • Why Hoof-X™?

    Hoof-X™ is not your ordinary hoof dressing. It is an organic plant oil that has gone through an innovative process which has broken down the normally large fluid molecules of the oil into a micro molecular form.

    It’s this unique micro molecular form that makes Hoof-X™ one of the only hoof oils that will be fully absorbed by the wall tubules when applied to the wall and the sole.

    How It Works

    With daily use the wall and sole will build up a perfect moisture level that enable the hooves “pump function” to increase blood flow and oxygen to the hooves. This will result in a healthier hoof and increased growth and the consistency is easy to work with for the farrier; not too brittle, not too hard.

    Hoof-X™ still allows the hooves to breathe, and the environment surrounding the hooves will not affect the optimal consistent flexibility and moisture level. This includes cold, wet or hot dry environments.

    Hoof-X™ will additionally protect against thrush when applied to sole.


    • Regulates hoof wall moisture
    • Increases hoof growth
    • Rejuvenates brittle hooves
    • Aids and protects against thrush
  • Ingredients

    Proprietary blend of organic plant oils that have been broken down into a micromolecular form.

    Does NOT contain any harmful chemicals or animal products.

    Recommendation for Use

    Apply with brush to clean and dry hoof and sole daily.

    For use with horses only. Does not conflict with any FEI or USEF regulations.

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